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TAY: Open Forum - "Death x 3" Edition

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Hi Hi TAY!

Let me tell you of that one time, yesterday afternoon, when I crashed and burned three times in less than 30 minutes.


My tiny No Man’s Sky ship is no more. I left it abandoned at the great space station in the sky. Uh, space. Back in a galaxy I’ll probably never visit again.

You see, it happened like this:

I was hanging out in space after finally deciding to make the jump to my third galaxy. Seeing one of the many asteroids in space means I’m going to mine it for thamium9 (or however that’s spelled). So I was mucking around trying to do that when I accidentally missed what was right in front of me, and shot a passing ship.

Space battles aren’t my thing, apparently. Death number 1 came swiftly.

Good thing I didn’t have to space battle this thing. I don’t like it.

When I came to, I was in a giant space station. I had been planning to buy a new ship, but all of the slick, stylish ones I had seen were way too expensive. Over 1 million credits (dollars) was not something I had. At the space station, this hideous mess of a ship showed up but since it was cheap (not so cheap: it cost me 800,000 credits), and had more slots than my little red guy, I decided to buy it.

Cool! I could jump to the new galaxy with more inventory space, and a new plan.

Not cool...I lost all of my inventory when I died. I had no fuel for my hyperdrive and couldn’t leave the galaxy.



So I had to go back to one of my old planets. Which I did with my brand new ugly huge ship. “Huge” is important to understand just how ridiculously death came the second time.

This isn’t the same death cavern.

There I was, poor and in need of money, flying around trying to collect materials to sell so I could get fuel for my hyperdrive.


My landing skills are...rather interesting. I landed my ship in a cavern. One of those open grooves in the ground that leads into a cavern. No big deal, I could just fly out.

Except I couldn’t.

The cave had some rare materials—pearl things—which I grabbed. Unfortunately, the rare materials were the type that sends sentinels after you if you harvest them. I jumped into my ship, took off and promptly got stuck in the ceiling. With no way to maneuver, the sentinels shot me down. It was like jumping off your couch, falling to the ground, and dying. Embarrassing, in other words.

Things never change, no matter the ship

So. Now I had a crashed ship and a second death, which then lead me to my third.

I gathered the material I needed to repair my ship, which was now sitting on a ledge just outside the cavern. It was an arduous process but I managed. Before I left, I decided to harvest the pearls again since I was in desperate need of money.


I grabbed the pearl feeling proud of myself, the sentinels gave chase but HA! Joke’s on them, I had a repaired ship and I could take off to the open skies!


I didn’t have enough fuel to take off.

Death number three came when I ran around trying to get plutonium. I would have made it too, if it weren’t for those meddling sentinels.


No, not really. I didn’t stand a chance.

For today’s suggested topic(s):

  • Tell us the funniest deaths you’ve experienced in your video game adventures.
  • I’ve returned to the Upside Down home. And I’m hungry. Really hungry. So, What’s for lunch today, TAY?

I hope everyone’s doing well. Thank you again for all you do, and for helping me last week on the guest weekend editor stint—a star, a comment, reading, gif’ing, the personal messages. But no thanks for the fire one of youse started though. No thanks at all.

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Let me have this moment, TAY.

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