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TAY: Open Forum - "Disheartened" Edition

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It’s me, your sick, cold-ridden Wednesday Z. Let’s see if I can muddle through a topic here...


So far for the year, I planned what I was going to play. Delayed shipping made sure to throw off my plans. That means I didn’t get to play Vesperia yet but nothing was going to stop me from diving into Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

I love Travis, you see. The first two No More Heroes games are some of my favourites. They’re ridiculously fun, over-the-top nonsense with an awful jerk of a protagonist, who you just can’t help but love. Well, maybe you could hate him but he’s an extreme stereotype of a gaming and anime nerd, self-proclaimed otaku who fits so well in his game world of fourth-wall breaking humour.

Of course I was going to get Travis Strikes again. Despite the extremely mixed reviews which did give me pause, I needed to see for myself. One of the things NMH had were excellent boss fights. So even if the mindless hacking and slashing was there, the reward at the end would be a boss fight so good, you’d think about it for a long while afterwards. As fellow TAY’er, Dr M 2 Tha J and I discovered...nope. So far, the boss fights aren’t that impressive.

So what we have on our hands is a game that’s incredibly funny. The dialogue is amazing, it’s great to have Travis back for his quips. The writing is top notch. But, and as many reviews have pointed out, the gameplay just isn’t all that. I could forgive moving through the levels beam-katana’ing all the things. But then I got to the third world and platforming was introduced.


I’m bad at platforming, I think I’ve made that clear over the years. But this... the controls aren’t responding well, and I suspect it’s not just my terrible skills. It’s just... really bad. To the point I’m praying I can get past those few doughnut platforms I need to jump on to do so. Otherwise, I can’t finish this game and I’m going to be really upset if that is the case.

Maybe being sick and lacking patience isn’t helping but I dunno… I just don’t know.


For today’s suggested topics:

  • I love Travis, truly. I can’t really say I can name 5 of my favourite video game characters unless really thinking about it. That’s tough given there are so many games out there. But he’d probably be one of them (and Luigi too!!). Can you name five of your favourite characters? and why?
  • Have you ever quit a game due to poor writing or bad gameplay? Did you go back and finish it and realize you just needed to focus?
  • What’s a disappointing game in a series you love?

I’d take some ports of NMH 1 and 2, and a brand new 3 please (man, I hope so):

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