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As some of you might be aware I have played a lot of Vrchat ever since I got my vive headset. Vrchat is an extrem oddity in gaming that I could talk a long time about what I love in it’s insanity. But rather than focus on the actual game itself I wanna talk about how it’s inspired me to try use unity.


If you don’t know what Vrchat is, it’s an free game that gives players 3D rooms and avatars to chat with eachother. It’s made for vr devices but it’s not a requirment. At its core that’s pretty much it. But because it is very open for players to add in their own 3D asset the amount of content is pretty much limitless. All you need to know how to use unity.

And because I’ve played the game so much I’ve been interested in adding a 3D world for other people to explore in. A lot of the worlds I enjoyed exploring has been ripped content from other games, so I’ve managed to get some assets from Zelda: The Wind Waker and with that I am trying to make a version of Outset Island that explore. There already is a lot of Wind Waker worlds in Vrchat. But most of them are pretty ugly and doesnt do the orginal game justice. I’m hoping to animate the ocean so it behaves similar to the original game, add music, grass and some good lightning. As well as adding some surprises. So the world really feels alive when you explore it in VR.

Of course progress is very slow. I have a very limited experience in 3D software and none in unity. So I have to learn most things from scratch. But because all 3D asset already exist it doesn’t feel overwhelming. I just have to take something and try make it look nice in unity. This is how it looks so far:

Still a lot to do. The ocean isn’t animated and I am hoping to add things like better lightning, being able to enter the buildings, and grass similar to the the original game. But what is there is playable.

Now it’s possible I wont finish any of this. I’m not really doing any of it because I have to. Just for the joy of learning on my spare time. I’ve been enjoying a lot so far. It kinda feels similar to when I draw where I could just isolate myself for hours trying to make something just for the heck of it. If I ever publish it for everyone to view in Vrchat I let you all know.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Are you working on something on you spare time just because? Or have you done that? What was it?
  • If you were given a year to work on something of your choice, what would that be?
  • Or talk about anything.
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