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TAY: Open Forum - "Do You Believe?" Edition

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TAY, I’ve found out a terrible secret.

Apparently, my siblings and I believed in Santa Claus. With the Christmas season here, I’ve been trying to figure out if my nephew still believes in Santa Claus or if he’s clued in and knows he’ll be getting free cookies (hey. I’m okay with this. I get free cookies, too). I’m still not sure but I asked my Mom if my sister, brother and I believed in Santa.


“Yes. You all weren’t as smart as I thought you were,” she quipped.


She can’t tell me at what age we stopped believing but for some reason I don’t remember this. I call shenanigans on this story! I don’t remember a thing Santa brought me.

In speaking with another friend, he said he figured out Santa wasn’t real when he turned 5 because he looked around his house and saw the barred windows, and no chimney. It was then he knew Santa couldn’t get into the house and was made up. And thus reasoning killed Santa for UI 2.0.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • Did you believe in Santa Claus?
  • If you did, how did you find out he was a scam?
  • Oh, you...still believe in Santa Claus? Well, he’s real. You saw nothing. I’m the scam. Me.
  • If you partake in the holidays, are you finished with the shopping? What’s the best gift you’re giving or have given?
  • Happy Official Winter, TAY. What do you love or hate about the Winter season?

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