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Hi TAY!!

The other night I wanted to listen to something that wasn’t Queens of the Stone Age but ended up on one of their videos anyway. For some reason, I had never seen the mini-movie splicing five of their songs from the fantastic ...Like Clockwork album into one beautiful, creepy, bloody video.

I had seen at least two of the videos as standalone pieces two years prior but I made a connection while watching the movie. The art looked so familiar... just like that sweet Japanese cover for Hotline Miami.


Sure enough, a little bit of Googling told me: it’s the same artist, you donk. Duh.


Mhm. I had a duh moment when I made the realization. But at least now I have a new artist to love. Even if I knew I liked his work before. >.<

I’ll just... take my leave.


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s). Answers to one or all will do:

  • Had any D’oh moments lately? Did something that wasn’t the smartest? Or maybe some Light bulbs went off?
  • Discovered anything new as of late? New Band? New Show? New Game? Want to share with us, TAY?
  • Your favourite art in a video game/series. You know, something that caught your eyes recently or that you’ve always adored whether a favourite character design or a downright beautiful game.


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And now, you know about Boneface (if you didn’t) too: