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Greetings burgers!

This weekend I did some shopping! Behold:


So after several of years of being a PC guy I finally made the call to buy a PS4. This is actually the first Playstation I owned since Playstation 1... Well I did have a preowned PS2 for a short while, but that was after PS3 was released and I only managed to play the Silent hill series on it before my sister stole it.

But I felt like Playstation now had a lot of exclusive games that I really wanted to try, and at decent prices. I also felt like I’ve been working so bloody much this year without spending my salary on much fun so I took the liberty to do some crazy spending for ones.

So far I have only managed to play Bloodborne, because I was kinda sucked into that game as soon as it started. I’m not really in a hurry to try the other ones because I will have a lot more time to play in a few weeks.

I’ve also managed to download P.T. Using this trick, however it only works if you have an PSN account with a license to P.T. Which I made sure to have before they removed the game, even if I didn’t know if I was going to own a PS4, because I am insane. But I am REALLY happy that I did. Because I really think that it’s one of the greatest horror games of all time. Not because it previewed a game that might have been good. But by it’s own right. Beside, few games are as fun starting up when you have visits to see peoples reaction.


Anyway. Here are some suggested topics to talk about: 

  • What console or other platform, from any generation, do you want to catch up with?
  • Is there a game or other some medium, that you really want, but can’t because it’s too obscure, only released in Japanese, or some other reason?
  • Could Konami be guilty of crimes against humanity because they removed P.T? Actually this is not a conversation because the answer is obviously “HELL YES!”, but I am venting frustration here.
  • Or talk about anything!

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