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Tay Open Forum - Dreams comes true

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Howdy hoo Tay!

I had a weird experience yesterday. The night before I watched the second to last episode of Magical Girl Raising Project. (No worries, I wont spoil anything here.) I did this really late at night and fell asleep instantly afterwards. As a consequences I started to have dreams about how the final episode will turn out. It was one of those dreams I remembered really clearly after waking up so among the first things I did was to watch the final episodes. And my dream was really accurate! I wouldn’t claim that anything that happen in it was hard to predict, it was a pretty straightforward ending. But what surprised me was the details in the action sequences and how they turned out. One specific moment was very on the spot.


At least the final episode wasn’t as sad or disturbing as mine. Did I say I was dreaming? I lied, I was actually was having nightmares big time. The type of nightmares that leaves you really depressed when you wake up. The fact that I can have nightmares about an anime is somewhat awkward. Owell!

So this mornings discussion: Ever had a dream/nightmare that became real? Or if you can’t recall one, tell us about a odd one you had recently!

Speaking of “Magical Girl Raising Project”, have you watched it? I would gladly discuss your thoughts about how the show turned out. My own is that in general it was decent, although the narrative was a bit too divided among characters, and the character design was often somewhere between boring and ugly.

If you don’t wanna talk about any of these subjects, well what the heck! It’s Christmas! So just for you I’ll give you a super special free card and let you talk about anything!


Here’s some music from another anime about magical girls:

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