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TAY: Open Forum - "Dual" Edition

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Hidey Ho, TAY.

Last week, I mentioned I’m playing FFXV with Japanese audio and english subtitles. It’s how I play most of my JRPGs given the option. I will say though, that I liked the English VAs for Persona 4 and I’m wondering if to stick with that for Persona 5 when it launches next year. Decisions, decisions. So many life decisions.


In other news, I was told my nephew got a PS4 for Christmas so I was tasked with coming up for a couple of games to gift the 10 yr. old. Really, Resident Evil 7 would be perfect but since that’s not out yet.. hrm. On the other hand, I was also debating what to get my friend who recently got back into gaming, but whose tastes have shifted a bit over the years and hasn’t played a JRPG in sometime.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • Given the option, do you prefer original language tracks on games that have them (such as Persona, for example) or do you switch audio to English? Why?
  • If you got a new PS4, Xbox, 3DS, Vita, or Wii U and had to build a library, which must have 5 games do you get?

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