I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Just a heads up. This is published at the same time as Nintendo are doing their Nintendo direct for E3. So stop what you are doing and go watch that before reading this. Thank you.


I can’t believe it is the third time I’ve used this skeletor image. That means I’ve been writing these open forums for 2.5 years. Woah, time flies!


Yet every time this has happen I’ve always felt like “Should I even attempt to write about E3? It’s boring and everyone else is already doing it.” Which is true, but I still end up writing about E3 because 1, it is easy, and 2, I like using that Skeletor image above. Why break traditions?

I’ve also been very actively watching E3 live this year so far. Seen all press conferences live. And consider the time difference between me and Los angeles, that’s not something I often am able to do.


Yet despite that I can’t really say much has hyped me up this year. There are some good looking games out there. But most of them we have already seen earlier. One thing I am happy about is the amount of big RPGs coming. The Outer Worlds, Cyperpunk 2077, Bloodlines 2, and now they announced Baldurs Gate 3. I’ve feel like this genre has been neglected the 2 recent years so I am hoping these games will inspire publishers to make more. Even Fallout 76 is adding RPG elements in the game. Ha! Who would knew Fallout would turn into a RPG? ;)

But I do know that this will be published at the same time Nintendo are doing their Nintendo direct. Even if I can’t predict what is going to be shown their show I do have some high expectations. It’s been a while now since Nintendo switch initial success, so I think they need to show a bunch of new games to keep the hardware selling. I would love to see a new Zelda with the same engine as Breath of the wild. Breath of the wild was such a fun experience that I wouldn’t mind them just doing more of that. Imagine them doing revision of Majoras Mask in it? So you have this world open you can explore, but it is all in 3 days loop. Enemy placement and some progress will reset all the time. I would love to see that.


Of course something new and orginal would also be fine.

Here are some suggested topics to talk about this week.

  • What did you think of Nintendo Direct? Disappointed, excited?
  • General thoughts about E3 this year.
  • Or talk about anything.

Oh speaking of Nintendo. Here is me drawing Splatoon stuff in vrchat. Feel free to follow me on twitch if you watch more of these. 

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