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Good morning Tay!

Typing this right after I was done rewatching Lord of the rings. The first movie. It was on TV the other day so I saw a few glimpse of it, but it was just way too many commercials. But it did give me an interest to watch the full movie again, and here I am exhausted from all the nostalgic shivers and dry tears in my eyes. It was a really long time ago I saw the first movie, so I had forgotten a lot about it. But it really holds up to this day. I don’t think I will feel quite the same way about the other movies. Remember not liking them as much. But the first one is a masterpiece.


But I digress, I was not supposed to talk about Lord of the rings today.

If you would have asked me what games I look forward to I would have had hard time figuring out what to say. I would probably think a while and then say “I really want some new RPG to play”. But have no specific title to mention.

But then came Vampire: Bloodlines 2. 

This game came out of nowhere. But the more I read about it, the more I wanna try it. Now I know I shouldn’t get too hyped about games there is not even any gameplay of. But I am going to try get hyped for the right reasons. Because when I read about the games development, the more I feel for the people behind it. Vampire: Bloodlines is one of my favorite games of all time. But it was a flawed gem that didn’t sell well. So when the publisher Paradox bought the World of Darkness franchise the developer Hardsuit labs instantly started working on a pitch. And the more you read about the developer and publisher, it feels like there is a lot of people here who wants this game to be done out of respect for the original game. It also happen to have original writer on board. So regardless of how the game turns out it already has A for effort on my part. Now a lot could go wrong. Neither the developer or the publisher seem to have much experiance with these sort of games. So I wish them luck.


It’s also nice to have that one game to look forward to. That I can be excited about, that is hopefully gonna be great. To be able to say “ yeah that one game I look forward to playing”.

No wait, two games. I look forward to two games. I just saw that new Persona 5 thing. Looks neat!


Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today:

  • What movie makes you cry when you rewatch it? (“Strong men also cry Mr Lebowski, strong men also cry.”)
  • What games have you been the most hyped about ever? Did it end in disappointment?
  • What other things, than a game, do you look forward to?
  • Vampires? Love em or hate them?
  • Or talk about anything.

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