I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ahoy TAY!

So, now that the holidays are well over, I’m reflecting over those good times. And all the money that was taken over the break on holiday presents, or things I bought. Because as I’ve stated before, January is looking just as bad on the games front with two games out this week I want and 5 (!!) in the coming month. Maybe I should cancel one! But everything I ordered, I did with my prime discount before that went kaput.


So you know? That’s actually kind of a good thing (even though it’s bad). The prime discount being gone means I won’t get things on sale right away, so I’ll be forced to wait for a sale. Of course, this doesn’t apply to things I’ll need right away... so I’m just really trying to make myself feel better. When I should be actually addressing the real problem of budgeting.

ANYWAY, you know what would have been a super cool deal had it actually stuck? That PS VR bundle I ordered for $90.


Yes! $90 at QVC. It came with everything needed to use PS VR, including two games. For weeks, I waited for a shipping confirmation. I automatically got signed up for the QVC promo e-mailing list, which meant they sent me all manner of things I quickly disposed of.

Then on the day after the estimated delivery, I got a snail mail letter. Yep. SNAIL MAIL letter, to tell me that “they could not fulfill my order even though they really, really tried. #Sorrynotsorry” (Paraphrasing)


So let’s recap. For weeks, I was subjected to a barrage of promotional e-mails while I waited for a shipment confirmation. Only to receive a letter in the US post mail to tell me they could not.

You bet your butt I immediately unsubscribed from their service. I think that makes me even angrier. Not the fact that I didn’t get a PS VR for “cheap as free” [Homestar Runner tm], but that these people knew they couldn’t fulfil my order and instead of just e-mailing me right then and there to cancel, they wasted my time hoping I’d buy something on their daily “deals”.


Don’t get me wrong, it still sucks I’m the unlucky type to rarely get good deals on things, and missed out. I really did want to play Tetris Effect in PS VR tho. Even though I’m pretty sure it would have made me ill.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • Do you have a video game budget?
  • If you don’t already have a PS VR, or VR headset, would you want one?
  • What games would you love to see in VR?
  • Now that awards season is upon us (or gone, I guess with best of lists), any games from 2018 caught your eye that you really want to try? Mine would be Obra Dinn. Still waiting on a sale...

I have my reasons. You’ll know soon enough why:

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