I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hiya TAY, how goes it?

Another Smash Bros. is upon us and the hype amongst some of you and other friends is through the roof. I begrudge no one their joy! I’m glad one of their favorite series is getting another entry, even if it means I’ll be left out of the conversation for a few months. The same happened with Spider-Man, and Red Dead.


So it goes! It gets lonely sometimes when you’re one of few with the new Persona dancing games and everyone else is settling it in Smash.

The truth is... was there any game this year I was super excited about? Hmm. This year feels really long and I can’t believe Black Panther came out in February. That’s how tough this year has felt, with real world craziness going on. It’s hard to remember what I ate on Monday, much less what games I actually played earlier this year.


I can tell you though...No More Heroes in January, and Animal Crossing some the time. Those are the ones I’m looking forward to. Hyped...? Maybe not, as I don’t often feel “hyped,” as I’ve learned to manage expectations. But you know, looking forward to things helps break up the long stretches of monotony and awful barrage of news in every day life.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • Was there a game release (or still to come) in 2018 that you were/are super hyped about?
  • If it already released, did it live up to all of your expectations?
  • What about 2019 thus far?
  • What game surprised you this year?

Maybe I should finish this before I dance...

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