I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Tay Open Forum - Family and such

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Howdy Tay!

I don’t think I’ve been away from my family as long as I have now. Other than my dad, I haven’t meet them since February due to the covid-19 thing. They live about 6 hours away from me by car, so it is not easy to just go for a quick visit. I feel like I have missing out a lot during this time. I have 3 siblings, during this time one got divorced after a 10 year old long marriage, one got pregnant for the first time, and one have a little daughter that turned 1 year old. Also my mom got a puppy. All things that I would want to be there for.


Although, despite that I have a good contact with my family. We text each others frequently. And I feel they call me as much as I call them regularly. (This is a nice development because I felt a few years ago I was the one call them.) I also started to use facetime a lot more when I talk with them. Especially with my niece just to get glimpse how she is growing fast. I got to say, the more I get use to facetime the more I appreciate using it. I feel like I get a bigger presence during a conversation with people I haven’t seen in real life for a while. It might not be the ideal option most of the time when you talk to someone on the phone. But during these times it has been useful.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today:

  • How has your family been affected by Covid-19? Are you in good contact with them?
  • Which game with family elements can you relate to? It doesn’t necessarily a game about a family. It could be games like “The last of us” that develops to a sort of dad and daughter relationship.
  • What are you looking forward to right now?
  • Or talk about anything.

(I wish I could write less about covid-19)

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