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Whats up TAY? Kcet here, filling in for your friendly neighborhood Twizm. So the other day, I got around to finishing up Transformers Devastation on normal difficulty. I kinda didn’t care for the random weapon drops (instead of having dedicated weapons throughout the game), but other than that, it was fun. Some people call it Bayonetta light, and I can see how that is the case. It shares similar aspects with it, however it only has 8 purchaseable skills that are shared between all characters. There are a couple other things that seem unneeded but like I said, still a solid game. I’ll probably get around to playing through it on the other difficulties/ using the other characters at some point as I played through it with Optimus the whole time.

As for today, other than calling in for a phone interview for a job I recently applied to around 930-10ish (pst), I’ll most likely be cleaning and doing house work until I end up going to work in the afternoon.

Any games or media of any kind you guys have been working on finishing/finished recently?


In memory of Mr. David Bowie’s passing, here’s one of my favorite songs

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