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Tay Open Forum - First day at work

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Good morning Tay!

So at the time of writing I did my first day at work. For those who didn’t read the Open form I mention that, I now work in what I think correct translation is “police custody”. It’s in any case the place people go to when they are under investigation and, or await court . So no one is actually guilty of anything there. Just suspects. It’s a pretty strict what you can and can not talk about so I won’t talk about it much today. But can say I did enjoy my first day. It was a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere that kinda reminded me of hospitals. So hopefully I will fit working there. Although still a lot to learn.


One thing I reacted to was how important games are for the people sitting in there. Pretty much everyone, who was allowed to, had a console in their cell. I also couldn’t help notice that the only console they could have was Playstation 2, with a max of two 2 games a week, with no memory card. Not to mention that their library of games was pretty crappy. The only one I found appealing was Devil May Cry 2. The majority was sports games, fighting games or arcade type like games. Although I guess if you can’t save it makes big RPGs pretty pointless. I would have troubles picking two games from what they had anyway.

You might have realized what this subject is. Lets go ahead and bring forward the list: 

  • If you were locked in a tiny room with a two generations old console (Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube.) , without the ability to save your game, what two games would you want to bring with you? Edit: You can only leave the console on for 24 hours.
  • How was your first day at work/school/whatever you are doing now?
  • Or you can talk about anything!

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