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‘Sup, TAY! ‘Suuuuup!

What day is this? The 21st day of January? Alright, fess up, All. We’re 21 days in to 2016. What games did you already buy for the new year? What was the first game? Some of you already bought some PSN sale things like Parasite Eve, when it should have been Final Fantasy Tactics. ..smh..

My first game purchase of 2016 is going to be Not a Hero. My calendar has been marked. A like so:


Actually...I misspoke. It’s going to be Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, which comes out tomorrow.

For Today’s Suggest Topic(s):

  • What’s the first game you bought in 2016 or intend to buy?
  • If you did buy something, did you play it yet?
  • Mario or Luigi...? Answer this one right, TAY. You better answer this one right... -.O


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*It’s not shame for you, TAY. But for me, it just adds to my backlog of made-up “shame”


It’s not easy, you see...