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HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLlllllllllooooooooooooo TAY. Hello.

A couple of weeks ago I was desperately trying to have my fighting party wiped out in Trails of Cold Steel II. Alas, my healer cutie, Elliot, was just so good that he wouldn’t allow these things to happen. He’d heal whomever he was linked with and survived attacks, as well. It took a few rounds before they’d all finally go kaput. So, I quipped on Twitter about this:

Hahaha! How clever you are, Z!


This Niko. He poses an excellent question.

It’s been keeping me up at night ever since because I’ve been racking my brain for an answer... I dun got thwarted!


For today’s suggested topic(s):

  • What are some First World game problems? You know, like you got so much ammo, zombies become a bore. Anything you can think of?
  • What are some Third World game problems? I think I found one since I’ve been playing DQVII: When all the worlds’ jars are filled with boxer shorts and rags. Life is hard.
  • It’s the last full day of Summer! How was it? What’s your favorite thing about Summer? Either a general thing about Summer you like or specific thing that happened in 2016, let’s hear it.
  • And because this was another stupid Twitter thing I saw: which three fictional characters best describe you?


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