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From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

Greetings everyone!

I’ve just recovered from a stomachflu so last week was rough. I can’t ever think a point in my life where I had that disease previously so it was quite the learning experience. It became like 4 days were I hardly eat or did anything, other than sleeping and visit the bathroom. I’ve never had such a long period I eat so little, at one point you don’t know if you’re tired because of the disease or lack of food. And ones you get there it’s kinda hard to get back up to normal meals after the disease is over. My stomac is still to this day rusty so I slowly eat easy consumed stuff like rice. But at least I don’t have any pain in my stomach anymore or fever.


So I thought we could talk about food, since I can’t probably eat any of that at moment.

I personally consider myself a decently skilled person in a kitchen. If you give me a recipe, and the stuff to make it, I can do it. These days I do make a lot of my own food. I might not have much variation of meals that I normally cook, but I can make them taste good.

I used to be a pretty picky person has a kid/teenager. I hardly eat anything at school that our schools served, and not much at home either. So I was skinny, not in a extreme way, but still noticeable.  This didn’t really change until I was 16-17, and these days I pretty much eat anything. I love trying new stuff and rarely dislike something enough not to eat it. I guess that’s what a childhood of refusing to eat does to you.


So anyway:

  • Whats you’re favorite food?
  • Do you cook yourself?
  • Whats the longest period of time where you didn’t eat anything?
  • Or talk about anything! :)

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