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TAY: Open Forum - "Funny" Edition

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Hiya TAY! How goes it?

I’ve recently been re-playing Bowser’s Inside Story and it’s still as great as ever! Still thrilling. It’s been 10 years so it’s been like-new to me.


The music is as excellent as I remember too but best of all, the jokes. Oh the glorious jokes. The dialogue is so good and witty. It’s just a funny game and I can’t really think of anything that makes me laugh as much as this series does. Paper Mario: Colour Splash was up there but hmmm... funny moments are a thing in lots of games. But a consistently funny game? They’re out there and I probably haven’t played them.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • What’s a funny game you like?
  • The funniest in-game moment you’ve experienced?
  • Who’s the funniest video game character?
  • What’s for lunch today?

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