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Good morning every single one of you, unless it isn’t morning for you, then Good something!


The recent year I’ve been a lot more socially active with other people who play games as much as I do. A lot of my real life friends doesn’t do that and I’ve never really considered it a bad thing. I don’t care about games when I am with people, and care enough about that when I am with myself.

But having more friends who play games do help a lot when it comes to multiplayer games, there is no chance in the world I would enjoy games such as PUBG, Overwatch and Dayz as much as I have if I wasn’t able to share that time with a few others. Which overall has been a good thing.

Although one thing I’ve consider after having more people to play games with is that I’m not as completely as open to all games as I ones thought. Especially with multiplayer games I can be really picky with the titles I wanna play. I did mention last week that I was playing a lot of Evil within, that I didn’t enjoy, but wanted to get into the series before playing the second game. I don’t think I have as much tolerance with a multiplayer game I don’t enjoy. Like as an example, a lot of the people I play with now are playing Farm together on Steam, but the more I look at it the less appealing I find it. Don’t wanna even try it. It feels like a mobile game with multiplayer mode, and even if I can understand the fun in just messing around with friends I just don’t see it as game that would be fun to mess around in. Other games I don’t wanna try are pretty much every moba game, or Call of duty. I do own and have played Battlefield 1 a few hours but the combat felt plastic and fake compared to other action games I enjoy. Didn’t enjoy that everyone can spawns on the front line constantly.

I’m not saying that any of these games are bad, I’m saying that I am surprised at myself how much I don’t wanna play them even with good company.


Anyway here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • What games can’t you stand?
  • What multiplayer games do you currently enjoy playing?
  • Sea of thieves got released today! Wanna try it?
  • What about this day do you wish was different?
  • Or talk about anything!

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