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Other than writing Open Forum, (Which I can’t even get right some weeks.) I’m haven’t been very productive writing here lately. But I don’t lack ideas of things I wanna write about. My list of drafts I have left behind me can prove that. One of those subjects that has been on my mind has been gaming hardware. Especially hardware marketing towards PC gaming, and how I dislike their design. But I just wasn’t able to make anything insightful writing about it, it was just a complaint overall. So heck, let’s make a subject here on the Open forum today instead. Rant incoming!


Like for example. I am right now sitting at my PC that has a Razer Deathadder mouse. (Just the name sounds like 90s cartoon villain.) It looks like this:

Now you probably thinking. “That doesn’t look that bad, Slinker, you are being silly.”And you are right on both accounts. It’s not that bad, and it’s actually a really good mouse overall. But there is few things about the design that bothers me, which also what bothers me with a lot of other hardware in general to a higher degree. And that is how it attempts to look edgy and cool. First of all it makes this green light that fades in and out constantly. The only time I appreciate a green light is when I cross the street. And why does everything these days have some sort of blinking light? I’ve seen headphones with blinking lights. And even graphic cards. Just look at anything made by Alienware, who I don’t think is capable of building any hardware without a few colorful lights..

Please MTV, unpimp my PC. Note all the edges. Edgy.

Another thing I react on the Deathadder (seriously that name...) is the logo in the middle of of the mouse, that also lights up. On closer inspection you can see it’s 3 snakes making a pattern. Apparently this is Razer company logo. Although for me it looks like a terrible tattoo idea. Something tells me they would have chosen something else if they were making office hardware rather than for PC gaming.

I find this sort of design within PC gaming interesting. Because on other similar markets they strive more for the opposite design. Like if you look at smartphones by Samsung or Apple they go with a rather simplistic and functional design for a more mass appeal. Or even look at gaming consoles. Both Xbox one and PS4 has a pretty simple shape and color. The Switch is pretty colorful. But it feels more playful and soft rather than an attempt to look cool and edgy. Speaking of Xbox, Companies who makes PC gaming hardware related to seems to have the same idea Microsoft did with the original Xbox. Just look how similar the design is to my Deathadder mouse:

Ugliest console ever.

I mean I understand why Microsoft chose this design. Back then most consider gaming was mostly for teenagers of a certain gender. (Not the girls one.) Later when the market expanded they designed the newer Xbox consoles with a look that most would say have an wider appeal.

But apparently companies who makes hardware for PC gaming was like. “Uh, nah this is fine.”


Anyway, time for me to stop ranting, and time for you to start. Here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • Do you agree with me on above?
  • What is the ugliest, or most unnecessary, piece of hardware you have bought?
  • What would you like to rant about right now?
  • Or if you don’t wanna rant, Talk about anything.

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