I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Me find a new friend in Vrchat.
Me find a new friend in Vrchat.

Howdy Tay!

Playing Vrchat, the weirdest game ever, has made me meet a lot of people. The large majority of them are playing as female anime girls. Especially from the franchise Neptuna which seems to be a big thing in my social group. I to play as a “female”, my main avatar is Midna from Twilight princess. I also have a anime lady avatar that I use sometimes. This has of course created a lot of conversation within the group about gender and what we identify as. I think most of us just do it for fun. I personally has always played as a female character in games when given the choice. Ever since Star wars: Knights of the old republic. When I realized that I just thought it was much more interesting to create a character that was different from me rather than trying to mimic myself. I don’t think I choose Midna because she was female, rather because I love her design and thought it would be a cool character to use. But her gender didn’t stop me.


Although playing as female in VR has an other level of immersion than a character you watch on a monitor. You could almost call it a digital crossdressing. I can understand how weirded out some people become when they watch Vrchat, and it is a bunch of anime girls, but with a voice and body language of men. It’s pretty damn bizarre.

But I think one of the reasons why such a large part of the community play as anime ladies is a somewhat logical one. If you are willing to it you have a much higher number of avatars available to you. Because the way Vrchat works with the game engine Unity it makes it very easy to import avatars from “Miku miku dance”. A japanese dance game that already has a big community with maybe thousands of player made 3D models rigged and ready to use. Some of them are of them are of very high quality. My first choice when I was looking for avatars to use was not actually Midna. I was looking for a good model of the Gorillaz band member “2D”. But just couldn’t find any that didn’t look like it came from a N64 game. If you however look for anime character chances are pretty good you find something really well made. So I think a lot of people stumble into that just because they found a avatar they thought looked awesome. And since it almost has become a social norm in the game more seem willing to do it.

With that said, there also is those who just find it fun to play as something different from what your really are. Or find it appealing in other ways. I mean if someone called me a transsexual or something else in Vrchat at this point I would be like “yeah that is probably true about me, in games at least..” Doesn’t really bothers me that to be called me something that isn’t an insult.

 Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Do you play as the opposite gender in game if given a choice?
  • What is the best character you created in a game, or what character in games where you the most immersed in?
  • Do you think how you personally behave online is different from how you behave IRL? In what way?
  • Or talk about anything.

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