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Every dentist who was asked recommends http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com in healthy doses.

Well hello there my lovely little sugar cubes!

At the time of writing I’ve been lying in bed a few hours after work because of a sudden pain in a wisdom tooth. It hurt like hell, but finally the painkillers has started to settle in. At some point I really should get that tooth removed, the pain has come and gone a few times before. But usually like ones a year if I treat it well. And damn, going to the dentist is expensive, rather not if it goes over soon.


It’s weird that we have so ineffective teeth really. I can’t imagine what the world was like without tooth brushes, dentists or painkillers. I assume it was just just a life of pain in your mouth and then you died. Because even people who treats their teeth super well these days seems to get a few holes in them now and then. Has our modern science really not come further than this?

Back when I was young, like 10-12 something, I used to go to the dentist a lot because I got bracers. I got them at pretty much the same time as I got glasses so it did wonders to my self-esteem. I also had a third teeth deep below my flesh in a few places. So I had to remove a few teeths and have a surgery to give them free way for for them to come up. Scary memories those surgeries was. You are awake, and you feel a knife digging in your mouth, but thanks for the 9 syringes you had earlier you don’t feel any pain. Just how the knife is scratching inside you.

Actually those memories might be partly why I don’t wanna remove my wisdom teeth. Because it will need a similar treatment similar....


Nah, who am I kidding? I don’t wanna do it cause it’s expensive as fuuuuck. :)

Anyway, here are some suggestions for todays conversations:

  • Do you treat your teeth well?
  • Wanna share a scary dentist story?
  • Or talk about anything!

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