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Howdy Pie!

One thing I’m pretty happy about is that I sleep really well these days. Like when I go to bed there is little fuzz about it. I haven’t really thought about it that much until recently. But going to bed could be really hard for me. Especially the first years after I moved out. I’ve spent most of my time as an adult sleeping alone, and often when I went to bed I could spend so much time thinking destructive thoughts. Like how crappy my situation was, or being scared of death. I’m sure this is common among everyone at points.

Although something has changed, which I feel happen about a year ago, and I haven’t really considered it until now. But I don’t really worry about things when I lie in bed anymore. I mean I can still have periods with destructive thoughts, but I don’t get stuck with them for that long, and it’s easier to switch to something else. It might be because I work a whole lot more these days and going to bed early to wake up in the morning is more important for me now. Having a more regular schedule probably helps. But I like to think it is also because I am just more content with myself these days. Which would be nice, I mean, it’s a good state of mind, and some pay huge amounts of money in therapy to reach that conclusion, or fail at it.

One thing that has also helped me with sleeping is music. As some of you may noticed I often post Lofi hiphop here, or other ambient music without lyrics. I often have one of those tracks on repeat in a low volym on my macbook when I am about to sleep. And just let it play in the background the entire night or until the batteries runs out. This has really helped me a lot to relax. I think it just helps me to focus my thoughts. I’ve always enjoyed ambient music and my discovery of Lofi hiphop has really helped me expand that part of my music interests.


Anyway, here are some suggest topics to talk about today:

  • Do you sleep well at the moment? Explain what makes you sleep well or not well.
  • Do you have moments when you feel are stuck on destructive thoughts? What situations do they happen in? And what are they about?
  • Tell us about a weird dream you had recently.
  • Or talk about anything.