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For this year so far, I feel as though I haven’t played that much. Not to say there were games that didn’t come out but just nothing much for me. Mostly they are things I want to try but probably don’t have time to invest in right now. So far I’ve played 4 games, maybe. I’m currently playing Shin Megami Tensei IV which has been interesting. Lots of death, lots of re-thinking all I need to do to win, lots of fusing and negotiating with those demon punks.

Then right around E3 and after, more games came on to my radar and I decided to do a mental check:

Legend of Legacy
Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Persona 5
Trails in the sky: ch. 2
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
Ultra Despair Girls: Danganronpa Another Episode
Rock Band 4
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Yoshi’s Woolly World
Dragon Quest Heroes


I’m sure there are some I’m missing. Man, way to punk us come September into early next year, Video Games. Every year it’s the same thing with you!

Heh... the backlog struggle is real. I’m especially envious of my friend who just got a PS4 after not owning a console for years. Right now, she’s carefree with no backlog to worry about. So far she has Dragon Age: Inquisition which she just finished after 100 hours; The Last of Us, which she’s making steady progress on and The Witcher III.


Don’t worry, I’m punking her by recommending a ton of stuff she should look into. She’ll know my pain soon enough. That’s how you get rid of being punked. You pass it along so you don’t feel alone.

For Today’s Suggested Topics:

  • Looking ahead at video game releases and feeling a little lost, TAY? Put your tentative list out there and weep! ::cough:: I mean, put your list out there and we’ll give you moral support
  • Be sure to indicate which games on your list you’re unsure of
  • Once you do, punk a fellow TAY’er. Recommend a game that you think should be on their radar too or reinforce how awesome you think one of theirs is going to be. That way they won’t be dissuaded into dropping it. For instance, I’m dropping a Day One buy of Persona 4 Dancing All Night. Any of you can convince me otherwise? Bah! I’d like to see you try! Not even this gif will sway me...


...damn, that Kanji is making this really hard.

  • Life being a punk lately? I sure have had some missed opportunities this past month. Not to mention I’ll be going to Florida soon. ::shudder:: Florida Man territory, you guys. I don’t think I’m ready. In any case, just talk about whatever ails you. We’re here to share, care and listen.


As always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves if ain’t nobody wants to be punked. I sure don’t. It is the Open Forum, after all. Don’t forget that the IRC Channel is always around for you to carry out discussions as well. If you wanted to give an admin, author, and/or friend a shout: You can find them on the DirecTAYry.

  • Seems my forum got a little out of control there... hrrrmmm

Gif source: toadpencil on deviant art