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TAY: Open Forum - Guess Who's Back, The GrUInch is BACK!

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Morning peeps, Meaty GrUInch is covering stealing from Shadbro Meaty on this fine Friday morning!

2 days until Christmas folks, gonna be some easy work days, squeeze in a little gaming to try and finish up Bloodrayne 2, and a nice holiday off work to relax with the family. NO MORE CHRISTMAS MUSIC SOON! Lets take some easy topics today...


Any fun plans for the holiday weekend TAY?

What fun holiday traditions do you or your family practice?

Favorite holiday movie/game/etc?

Friday Morning JamZ

Burning Bright (Field on Fire) by Nine Inch Nails

King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar

For - Meathead. From - GrUInch

Dear Santa,

Stealing is wrong but why does it feel so good?

P.S. Your sleigh is at the impound.

Yours Truly,

The GrUInch

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