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TAY: Open Forum - Halloween Time!

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Man, it feels like it was just yesterday I hosted the Open Forum on Halloween last year. Where did all that time go? Well, here were are with Halloween just around the corner.


Today’s topic! What are your Halloween plans? Any parties or events planned? Have a wacky costume? Share it here! I know I asked this in my TAY Time Chat earlier this week, and in last year’s Halloween Forum, but what are your favorite spooky, scary, or Halloween-y books, movies, games, music, or whatever?

I have a spooky, scary Halloween playlist I add to every year with more songs. I usually load it up with my favorite metal songs about zombies, ghosts, demons, Halloween, and other spooky stuff, and some spooky soundtrack songs and covers. I have like five versions of Lavender Town from Pokemon in there and, of course, the OG spooky metal song, Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath.”

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Here’s your spooky Morning Jam!

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