I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/
From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

Okay gals/guys, I really feel like I should apologize, I forgot to write the Open Forum this week...


Well no, obviously I didn’t, you are in fact reading it right now. But I had a nightmare last night that I forgot so I actually had to check what day it is when I woke up. In my dreams you all seemed unreasonably angry about it so I will try avoid that at all costs from now on. So from my heart, I am sorry I forgot!

So last week I discovered that the Little Witch Academia anime has been airing in Japan. And I love it. I feel it might already be among my top animated series this decade. It’s just such a great animation along with a creative settings and fun characters. The stories in each episodes are simple yet well executed. And it’s actually funny! It was honestly a long time I saw a Japanese “comedy” that I thought was genuinely funny all the way. Too many comedies I’ve given a go has a bit too much fanservice for my taste, along with other awkward moments. In short, it was a really long time I was this invested in a animated show.

I mention this because I think this can be become something I rewatch just because it makes me feel good. I have a few movies I do that with. Mainly The Big Lebowski, and Lost in Translation. Both movies I appreciate a lot and just turn on in the background just having it on hearing the sounds and jokes makes me feel good. I think of a few more movies that have that affect on me but those two has mainly been first chose.

So on a completely unrelated note here are todays subjects.

  • What movie/games/music do you turn on to make you feel good?
  • Thoughts about Little Witch Academia?
  • Damn, I REALLY tried to ignore this subject. BUT I CAN’T! I read this article. And yeah, that’s a major bummer for me. Wanna talk about that?
  •  Or talk about anything!

This song makes me happy.

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