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TAY: Open Forum: Happy Smile Super Fun Japan Edition!

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Wahey! It is I, GBD, your glorious overlord. I don’t usually take over these open forum dealies, but Zarnyx asked me if I could today and I was like, “Sure! Not like I have anything going on.”


Though I kinda do. Tomorrow morning, bright and early (actually too early for light) I’m flying out to Japan with my wife. Though there’s no direct flight to Japan from Indianapolis, so I have to fly to Texas first. But that’s beside the point! I’m going to Japan! It’s been a dream of mine since I was a tiny boy detective, and I’m very nervous/excited about the whole ordeal.

I’ll be staying in Kyoto for a week and then Tokyo for a week. Riding bullet trains. Checking out temples. Catching Pokemon.

I assume I’ll come back from Japan with gratuitous amounts of retro Nintendo titles, and amiibo, and samurai swords, and saki. And as sumo champion. ALL HAIL EMPEROR CLOBBERSAUROUS!


So today’s topics are:

- Travel tips

- What would YOU do in Japan?

- What thing should I bring back for you?*

- Anything else you feel like talking about


*I probably won’t have room. I’m sowry :[

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