I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Another time lapse of something I did in Vrchat. It’s very relevant to the subject.

Howdy Tay!

This week turned out weird for me. I was expecting a rough week because a lot of my usual co-workers was going on vacation, and it’s the midsummer holiday here Sweden soon. (Did you see that trailer Midsummer horror movie coming next month? It follows the tradition 100% accurate.)


But it seems that they hired a lot of temp workers for the summer. So they told me I could take some days of if I wanted to. And I have a lot extra hours I can take out so I was like “okay”. So all the suddenly I got 4 days of, then work on the weekend. Wish is supernice, I have been working a lot this spring feels nice with a break. Although I have no idea what to do. A lot of my friends are already away to join their cults for the celebrating of Midsummer. So it feels like I am just gonna be home in my apartment most of the time.

Which is odd. I was dreading this week for several days because I thought it was going to be a lot of work. Now I am stuck in my apartment with nothing to do. Trying to figure out stuff to do the next days. Regardless I think I can survive bit of boredom.


Anyway here are some suggested topics:

  • What is the hardest day/week of work you have ever done? What did you do? Do you still work with the same stuff? Doesn’t have to be payed work, it can be that your parents wanted you to help paint the house when you were just a child.  
  • Do you feel like you get enough break from work?
  • Would you call yourself introvert or extrovert?
  • Or talk about anything. 

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