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Good morning everyone of you!

And welcome to another segment of “Slinker talks about his health”, I’m sorry if these becomes repetitive, but then just imagen have I feel. It’s literary a pain in my ass.


So at the end of last week my long period of stomach issues started to wear on other parts of my body and gave me wound on at that lovely thing on our backs that you now and then poop from. A wound there can be troublesome, because it is a place bacteria loves and it’s hard keeping it clean and dry for the wound to heal. It has been really painful, on Friday I went to the hospital and stayed there the afternoon, and during the weekend any movement from legs hurt so I was in bed most of the time. But the pain has decreased a lot now. Although, during all this my stomach issues has increased, and I’ve been feeling a slight fever.

But at least I am in good hands now, sick of dealing with this alone I took a 5 hours drive to my mom, who do works at the hospital but has this week of, so I don’t really have to do anything other than rest now. I’ve also bought myself a “get well soon” gift. A macbook pro. So overall, a crappy situation, but I could have it far worst.

Picking up a new laptop was hard. I do game mostly on PC these days, and the idea of having a gaming laptop is appealing. But I’ve had so much bad experience with PC laptops that overheats, gets slow fast, or just breaks. So I don’t really trust them. While macbook, although expensive simply works well, my last one held well for 6 years until it got stolen. Also, in the end, this will mostly be a computer that I surf, draw and watch videos on. So I think it will work out adequately. Right now typing on it I am pleased as hell.

I kinda like being a person that switch between mac and PC. You always have someone that will role their eyes for either one of them. I recall back a few years ago when I only had a mac and I mentioned in kotakus comments that I used it for gaming. Then I got plenty of responses that I was a “spoiled child”, “not a gamer” and whatnot. It was all so silly that I couldn’t really get mad at it. That people still argues about this feels rather irrelevant. Especially if you don’t game. Other than that almost all software you need these days are web based. So the pros and cons of either system has decreased a lot. I would say it’s more about how optimized the hardware is for the software that matters. Which makes macs a pretty safe beat, but with a bit of time and effort you can make a pc just as good for less money. Which is why I would always pick a PC if I bought a new stationary computer. And for games. Let’s not forget the games.


Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Here are some topics:

  • PC or mac? What do you use? Any opinions towards that whole thing?
  • What was the last piece of hardware/computer you bought? 
  • Which computer has been working out the best for you? How long did it hold and such?
  • Or... Talk about anything! Man, did I mention you are looking really good today? ;) 

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