I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Health, warts and all.

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Hiya Tay!

Man this space has been so blank now for 3-4 hours. I better just fill it in with words and see what happens.


I quit work early today because I could. I had no big reason really other than I was pretty tired from working the entire weekend. But I’m glad I did because when I came home I got this weird headache that just did not wanna go away. So been sleeping on the couch most of the time. Now it’s evening and everything I thought I would have plenty of time of doing today, (Like writing this.) might not get done at all.

I’m honestly a bit worried about my head. I had migraine pretty often these days, they have increased from something that happen ones every year to a handful of times in half a year. But my migraines are pretty light compared to others. I rarely need to quit work or anything because of them. Will just have a bit of pain and troubled eyesight for an hour.


That does not mean I do not find it scary. I can’t help to think that sometimes it’s not migraine I am having but an evil brain tumor that will eat my brains out eventually. But the last time I went to see a doctor they told me it was pretty average migraine issues. And I kinda agree with that, it makes more sense that the increase is related to stress.

But it would be nice if they did a brainscan for me anyway, so I could see it with my own eyes that there is no alien colonization in the old bucket.


Shit. Maybe it really is aliens? :O

Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  • How is your physical and/or mental health?
  • What are you worried about right now? Sidenote: If you say nothing you are a big fat lier.
  • What field of work would you choose between the following: Cop, Nurse, or Fireman. Why?
  • Or talk about anything.

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