I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - Heck, It's About Darn Time

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Good Morning, everybody, on this Friday May the 4th!

So I’ve been an extremely happy camper lately, because Yotsuba&!—quite possibly my favorite manga ever—has just come out in Japan with its fourteenth volume. It feels like it’s been forever since last seeing anything from this series.


Though perhaps that’s just impatience and an Insatiable Appetite for Content™ speaking. Really, the amount of time between now and Volume 13's release out here in America has actually only been *squints at notes* two years as of this month.


For a series that I have personally been reading and following since *checks his wrist, the ink is smudged* 2009...almost nine years now??



You sure know how to make a man wait, Azuma! This had better be worth it!!

(just kidding, dude, everybody already knows that of course it’s gonna be worth it)



  • Favorite manga--not anime, manga—or graphic novel ever!!
  • Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s also Star Wars Day, so May The Fourth Be With Thee or some crap like that...
  • Also, post your definitive ranking of the Star Wars movies, and (bonus) where you think SOLO: A Star Wars Story may end up within that listing!
  • What’s your favorite Star Wars video game?
  • Otherwise, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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