I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Greetings Tayers!

I used to be very active on a discord group the recent year that I played PUBG with on a daily basis. But now it was almost 3-4 months we played together. Which is a shame because it was a nice group of people that was mature and focused more on having fun rather than competing. But I’ve been extremely tired of PUBG after spending more than 500 hours on the damn thing. Although I would still like to stay in contact with a lot of people from that discord. So I am secretly hoping that we can gather around some new game soon so I can talk to them again. Just not sure what game would be fitting.


That makes me realize how many communities from the internet that has come and gone for me. When I was a young lad and internet was new, I was active in the Swedish PC Gamers official forums. You know, when forums was a thing. I’ve also been active a few Neverwinter nights servers where you did a lot roleplaying with other players. I had a period on a gothic community where I became in love with a girl that I meet IRL. Also been active in communites around a certain comic. A lot of the reasons that I played WOW was the community I found in a certain guild. There was also that one time when I wrote on that weird kotaku community site.

All of them are contacts with people that has been completely lost on me over the years. Some of them I would say were really good contacts. Yet I can only think of one person that I’ve stayed in contact with from the internet. But I’m glad to say that contact has lasted for 15 years, I’ve would call him a close friend even if we only meet IRL ones.


In hindsight being socially active in a internet community is in grand scale of things a rather temporary affair. But at that moment it can mean so much for someone. I recall the times when I’ve been at the loneliest, if it was when I was an awkward teenager, or when I was unemployed adult that felt useless. At those times having one place where you can have a daily interact with people can mean so much regardless how basic that social interaction is. So I am grateful for being a part of them.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today:

  • What communities have you been active in on the internet other than TAY? Any you miss or am glad that you left?
  • Have you meet people from games or internet communities that you became friends with IRL?  
  • Or talk about anything.

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