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Good morning tay!

I’ve been playing a lot Sea of Thieves recently. It is a bit grindy, but after playing so many action multiplayer games it feels refreshing to play something calmer and colorful. I like how the gameplay is designed around the sailing and how a full crew work together to make the boat go as efficient as possible. It’s also a very pleasant game to look at. I love how the sunlight reflects the clouds and the environment. It’s one of those games you just love to check the tiniest details of.

Screenshot I took.

It also reminds me of Wind Waker. A game I count among my favorite games ever. I feel like we recently see more of what an impact that game did, and how it inspired people. Which is funny considering how much people bashed on the cute graphic when that game came out. The more obvious example of this is Breath of the wild. Which I heard in this video from GDC that they were so pleased with how Wind Waker looked in the HD edition for WiiU that they used it’s design as a start to find their own style. Which shows in the finish product. It’s pretty amazing how that Wind waker has survived the test of time. Even I liked the HD remake of it, I felt like it didn’t really make much of an impact in improving the game. The previous version was still nice to look at and the gameplay is exactly the same.

I mention this because I am pretty certain that Sea of Thieves will age in a similar way, at least with it’s graphical style. It is just so nice to look at and simplistic that the graphic tech just doesn’t feel like a limit to what the developer set up to do.

I rather like when a game feels timeless like that, which I don’t think is an easy feat at all. Especially with 3D games. So I think like we could talk about that.

  • What do you count one of the best looking games ever? Recently and old?
  • Do you think it has or will survive the test of time and still look good?
  • Mention some other form of media like a comic or movie that you appreciate just because it looks so good.
  • Or talk about anything.

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