I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Open Forum - Holiday Zen Edition

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Hello fellow TAYers, it is I Ishamael covering for Slinker today. Its a Tuesday today but not just any Tuesday it is the Tuesday before Christmas Eve. Which is wonderful... if you’re a kid. Not so wonderful if you are over the age of 18 consdiering obligations. So many obligations tend to come together around this “Wonderful time”.

For students its exam season. That wonderful time of pushing out semi-coherent “take home exams” aka term papers, cramming for that required course you don’t really care for. For adults there is all the obligations that come from being an adult like works, perhaps children, cooking, driving, and for many more. For some like myself I even have both considering I’m taking professional exams. All of it can be quite stressful, I think Z knows what I mean.


Luckily, I have become pretty good at handling the stress almost “Zen” about the entire thing. Exercise, clean living, sleep, and all those good things really do help. Its not just self-help mumbo jumbo. So TAY tell me this:

  • Are you feeling stressed for the Holidays or do you just love this “wonderful” time of year.
  • If so what are your plans and techniques for dealing with all of it?
  • Do you have time off and if so any big plans?
  • Star Wars is coming out. Why do I think that adds more stress to some people...
  • Any game? I’m loving Cold Steel III last time we chatted I said I didn’t think I’d finish this year. I... might be wrong about that.

Or really talk about anything!

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