I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY: Open Forum - "Hooked" Edition

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Screenshot: In Other Waters

Hey TAY. It’s Me, on a Wednesday. The way it used to be before June hit and things went sideways with being busy with work. Thanks to Ishamael for covering, as always. Here’s an Open Forum. As per usual, I hope everyone’s doing alright. Check in if you can and tell us how things are.


When I had the very little downtime these past few weeks, I tackled an indie game called In Other Waters. It’s hard to describe—not the premise but the gameplay. In it you’re a xenobiologist, cataloging discoveries on an alien planet and uncovering the mysteries of said planet and chasing after a colleague and her secrets.

The game is just a UI screen, you mark waypoints and it’s heavily text-based. Methodical and slow with a purpose; that’s how I can best describe my 12 or so hours with the game. It was interesting! Except now I have 4% left to catalog in my taxonomy and well..no easy way to do so without combing through every point of interest. That part could have been handled better unless I just need to go back and look at my entries for clues. I may never get 100% to get the true credits roll because that all seems very exhausting to me right now, even though I really enjoyed the game.


There’s also the issue that I just started Slay The Spire and I’m hooked only after 10 minutes. Whoops.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • What’s a game in recent memory that you were immediately hooked on? Did it hold up all the way through?
  • What game had a slow start and you dropped it? Or did you stick with it and ended up loving it?
  • Is there any game you really like that you think is a hard sell to others?
  • What’s for lunch?
  • Oh hey, it’s July 1st too. Does time even truly matter anymore when it’s just one moment of terror to the next?

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