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...employ such terrible character facial features.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a beautiful game. Even at my 30th hour of play, it still manages to outdo some beautiful scenery I saw at the 17th hour.


But in the first hour, I was hit with this!


Maybe I'm just a tad shallow when it comes to my video game characters, TAY. But...


There are shots that look much worse but the faces really just don't fit. Most of them look like this! It took me a while to get used to them but I did. It was not enough for me to put aside the game and stop playing, no. These things would, though!


  • Not that unique, and thus far, a somewhat predictable storyline
  • I need to check how many times "monado" is uttered
  • Repetitive dialog in that one character states something and then it is stated with a slight alteration by the second character in case you missed it the first time (I'm guilty of this, I know it! Time to check mahself)
  • Do we need to have so much talking with the same three to four linesoverzealous, verbal confidence boosting to team members when we are slaying beasts? Yes? I don't believe you!


But you know, it has an amazing soundtrack and I think it might finally be getting slightly interesting. Still worth playing but I know not to expect too much anymore.

Now that you can tear yourself away from those eyes, here are some suggested topics for today:

1. Any game you've played that had that one terrible, annoying thing that you literally had to stop playing or came close to it?


2. Absolute worst character design you've seen in the past 5 games you played?

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