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In the before time, there were things called PS2s. I had a brief encounter with one Monday last when I was trying to ensure that some recent acquisitions were working right.


For two, maybe three whole minutes (a lot more than I care to admit), I fumbled with turning on the PS2. Fumbled.

I thought the power was out. Discovered it wasn't. Pressed the power/reset button. Still dark. For a moment, the problem was that I didn't remember how to turn on a PS2.

Wasn't there a switch in the back?

I felt around for one and only came across it on the second time searching. So there I was, a goof, thinking it was actually no longer functioning and it wasn't just me. Turns out — It was just me.


To make matters worse, I fumbled to switch off the thing because I instinctively thought, "...well I'll just press this PS button here and get back to menu and..." oh.


It's official, everyone: I don't even know what it is I did before the PS Button became a thing.

In other embarrassing tales of woe, I also don't know what I did before the internet became a crutch. My nephew has taken to watching videos about glitches, and got me triple crown lives in Super Mario 3D World. On accident he also discovered you could pop into a Koopla-less Shell in and kick yourself around.


He's finding secrets I never knew about.

So, Thanks Internet, Moving Technology and 8 year olds. Don't know how I lived before you.


So TAY *ahem* Fellow Canadians, Japanese and you few Americans, For today's Suggested Topic(s):

  • Your favourite, accidental (or not) trick and/or glitch you've found in any game. Tell us your favourite gaming secrets and moments of discovery.
  • What did I do before the PS Button was a thing? Theorize. I'll crown a winner.

As always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves if ain't nobody got time for #FWP Convenience. It is the Open Forum, after all. Don't forget that the IRC Channel is always around for you to carry out discussions as well. If you wanted to give an admin, author, and/or friend a shout: You can find them on the DirecTAYry.

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