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::YAWN:: so sleepy, TAY. Hello everyone.

I’m so sleepy today as I write this (which secret: is Tuesday) but will I be by the time this gets published? HRRRMMM.


But I digress.

I had an actual topic I thought of but have forgotten thanks to this sleepiness. Oh wait! There it goes.

As I’ve been looking at all the games on my radar, I got to thinking of all the games that I wanted in the past but never got around to getting. At this point, I’d love to play them but they’re also games that have gotten shiny HD re-releases, such as Final Fantasy X. Now, honestly...am I really going to play FFX if I got it tomorrow? Given all the other games coming out in the next few months? I’ve played FFX before... it’s been a while, and I’d like to do so to see if my thoughts have changed on it (I enjoyed it a lot).

But the second thought is, do I really need to spend money to buy this game yet again? Wouldn’t be the first time I have a double copy of something. Curse you, re-releases. Curse. You.


For today’s suggested topic(s):

  • Which games do you have multiple copies of? If you’re like me, for example, you have Chrono Trigger on DS, PSOne and PSN (and if you’re super lucky, you have it on SNES, too. I scoff at thee! T.T). Same for Hotline Miami. I’d buy all the copies. Digital, physical, Japanese...(I may have already done this...)
  • Which game would you like a remaster of?
  • Are you sleepy?

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