I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum- I am not nice!

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This week we get to take a look at that one year Skeletor saved CONQUERED christmas.

Greetings you ham!

Well I got my day of like most of you. (Hugs to you who don’t.) So let’s make this one quick and easy.


I’m kinda of sick of “Game of the year” discussions.

I’ve realized last year that I just find them unproductive to talk about, and dislike videos and articles where they just feel lazy. I don’t mind reading a list of someones personal favorit games from their own perspective. But when the talks goes over to not your own favorite game, but what should be consider the game of the year for everyone. It just becomes silly.


I guess I’ve grown a rather big distaste for list in general because of watching too many of them on youtube. It’s weird how such things just gather so much views from people.

Anyway, anyhow, here are some suggested topics to discuss:

  • Game of the year lists and video game list in general. Whats your thoughts? Have you killed a lot of time on youtube cause of them?
  • What are you doing today?
  • I’m almost done finishing Persona 5. Great game! But seriously, why are all the really good game so long this year? Are there some good games you liked but haven’t finished because of their length?

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