I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Howdy cookie!

Today I am supposed to go to a cinema and watch A Silent voice. An anime movie about a deaf girl and a boy that bullies her. Pretty damn excited! I think there is only one cinema in Sweden that will show it. So I am happy that I live near that one. It’s a pretty nice place that shows different movies and has it own restaurant and bar you can sit at before the movie starts. So that will probably be a nice evening!


It was kinda hard getting people to watch it with me, everyone just wanna go and see Star wars that is about to arrive tomorrow over here.

Urgh. Star wars. Uuuuuurgh....

How did I come to this? After two recent movies that I found mediocre I just can’t get hyped for the new Star wars. And I mean... Getting hyped for a Star wars movie used to be fun, it didn’t matter if the movies were bad like the prequels it was a community thing, or maybe brainwashing. I kinda miss getting as hype for something like I did back then. Now getting extremely hyped means “yeah okay I’ll watch it at some point maybe”.


A similar case to this is the Halo series. I was such a big fan of Halo. Halo 5 is actually the only game I haven’t bought on release day, and I still haven’t played it. Although that is mainly because I don’t own an xbone. Although thats the thing, I used to stand with xbox because then I could play Halo. I don’t wanna trash on one game too much here but I felt like I just didn’t like the creative direction Halo 4 was going. And to be honest, even if I still hold the original series among my favorite games I do think Halo 2 and Halo 3 had a really unfocused narrative that sort of plagues the series overall. That is also one of the reason I love Halo Reach so much because it took a step away from the main story.

Anyway enough of me ranting, let hear you rant about something instead. Here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • Tell us about a thing that you used to really like, but don’t anymore.
  • Excited for the new Star Wars? Whats your overall opinion about the franchise?
  • Have you seen A Silent Voice? What was the most recent anime movie you watched? Any favorites?
  • Or talk about anything.

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