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Me hanging with my dog at the streets of Tokyo. But it’s a lie. Because it is actually in Vrchat, and I am not actually Midna from Twilight Princess.

Good morning Tay!

Man what a terrible weekend we had, right? I try my best to keep these on the optimistic side of things. But sometimes it is hard. Actually no, it’s very hard to write something lighthearted when you yourself are not feeling it at the moment.


Perhaps that is why Silent Hill 2 has been on my mind lately. Very few games manage to deal with topics like depression and lost just as good.

I actually haven’t played it recently, but I’ve tried to add the whole town in Vrchat. When I started Vrchat there was a world where you could explore Silent hill 2. Which I loved doing. It was cool to explore the environment of your favorite game in VR. But after a large patch in Vrchat that server has not been available any more. That was some time ago. So after a while I was like, “hey I can make one myself”. So on my free time I’ve been trying to make sense of a bazillions of ripped assets from a 20 year old game in Unity. It’s pretty fun.

The world isn’t going to contain the whole game. Just the town and a few highlights. I imagine it being a tourist guide to the game where you get summarization of the game’s story and setting. While trying to recreate some of the atmosphere. That last part is the hardest. At the moment I’m trying to add sounds and such and it’s a part of unity I am not very skilled at so, I’m mostly just trying to figure things out. I also kinda wanna add something that rewards players who explor all the corners of the map, because it is pretty big. Not sure what that should be though.


Wait, this was supposed to be about how mad I am about currently about some news. Owell my mind slipped to something more enjoyable... ;)

Anyway, let’s converse you and I!

  • What do you hate right now?
  • Are you doing anything interesting at the moment you like to share?
  • Do you read news? In what shape and form? 
  • Or talk about anything.

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