I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - I like this thing called video games.

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Howdy Tay!

I’ve always struggled with figuring out subjects to write about here. I’ve notice that I tend to repeat things. Usually it is my own life struggles that has largely remained the same over the years. But I think this year especially has been really hard to find subjects to talk about.


I mean, not that this year has been uneventful. But for the wrong reasons. I do want to have a optimistic tone in these Open forums, and the pandemic does not help that at all. It also is a bit of a bore to talk about it these days. People are feed up with it. It also affect things like big game releases and other events like E3 that you could talk about. It feels like all the games I’ve been looking forward to this year has been delayed. I guess we could talk about the next consol generation, but I just don’t find the same intereset in hardware. (Unless you ask me about VR.) When it comes to gaming in general I’ve experiance little. The games I play the most now are Vrchat and Hunt: Showdown. I’ve also completed Half-Life: Alyx, and replayed Persona 5: Royal.

But then at the same time. This might have been the year when gaming has been the most important to me. Because it has kept me sane. Like even if I still would say I prefer a good singelplayer game over multiplayer, I am so grateful for having the option to be social in games. I also feel less ashamed to say so around people who generally don’t play games. Like during the pandemic you heard people just sitting at home and watch TV series all day. By that comparison I think I have a far more pleasant time talking about anything in Vrchat with friends. It also has made me meet a lot of people this year online.


Speaking of. This is a nitpick but I wanna talk about it anyway. I am a member of too many discord channels. But I don’t really know which one I wanna leave. A lot of them seems like pleasant people to talk with but I just don’t find any reason to start chatting there. Owell.

Anyway. Here are some suggested topics for today:

  • What in gaming are you most excited about these days?
  • What game has kept you sane this year?
  • What are you most frustrated that you missed because of the pandemic?
  • Or talk about anything.
  • ... And by the way, would people here be interested in an Open forum event in Vrchat? Been pondering about making one if people want to.

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