I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - I never saw it COOOOMING

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Sup Tay!

This pass week I’ve been invested in “replaying” Persona 5 Royal. Honestly I can’t tell that much different new stuff in it so far. Not that I recall everything in the original game had. It wasn’t really lacking in content considering it took a bazilion of hours to finish it. So maybe I don’t notice all the new stuff in this version. But I like the new character.


Despite Persona 5 being so extremely time consuming, (I can’t tell how many times I skipped dialogues just out of frustration of the game not getting to the point or repeating the same information.) I find myself enjoy the experience yet again. There is just something relaxing with the visuals, music and the gameplay that keeps me playing it. I would almost compare the game design to a skinners box. Even if it can gives you challenging battles and has a lot of depth to it, (Especially if you turn up the difficulty a notch.) a lot of the time you are grinding to just to make your states of all kinds increase. But the game does a good job implementing it all to a setting where it makes sense. Of course I should take a part time job at a flower shop so I can gain some money and increase my kindness stats. Any student in Tokyo would do the same given the chance in real life.

It’s also interesting to replay the game after I’ve been in Tokyo 3 times and started to study Japanese. Ones you can related to the areas the game set place in you can really appreciate details. Like I’ve spent some time in the beginning of the game just to inspect the signs of the subway in Shibuya, they recreate them so nicely.


It is weird that I am enjoying this game so much still. I can’t say I was super into it the first time. It’s likely I wouldn’t have finished it back then if I wasn’t working away from home for a while and was stuck in a tiny apartment with my PS4. It was a pretty lonely period for me. But maybe that is why the game has grew on me. Perhaps the optimistic atmosphere is just what I needed back then and now when I feel pretty isolated yet again.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Mention a game that you have come to appreciate more with the times.
  • What game did you play too much of?
  • Give me an update on how you are doing these crazy days.
  • Or talk about anything.

(Night in the woods made a similar impact on me.)

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