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TAY: Open Forum - I Wanna Hold Your Handheld Edition

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Whoa! Hey everyone!

I’m taking over the open forum today. You know, because I have summers off and I do nothing all day. Well, besides play OverWatch and clean. But recently I’ve also been playing a lot of handheld games in bed while my wife snoozes. 3DS, Game Boy Advance and even Game Boy Micro. If it’s backlit I can play it in the dark. Though I guess I could just use one of those crazy big attachments with the magnifying glass and the built in lights for my classic fat Game Boy...


For Today’s Suggested Topics:

  • What is your favorite handheld system of all time? Is it the SEGA Nomad? The Wonderswan? The N-GAGE?
  • What’s your favorite handheld title of all time? Pokemon? Fire Emblem? Pokemon Fire Emblem Red?
  • Where do you play your portable gaming systems the most? On the train? On a plain? At the zoo?

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