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Greetings fledglings!

I’ve mention previously that I’m been pretty darn hooked on Vrchat these days after I got a vr headset. It is a terrible, terrible game with a terrible community surrounding it…. And I love it! It’s so surreal playing it and meet all of these crazy people, and sometimes nices ones, in these ridicules 3D avatars and worlds built by players.


A huge deal of those worlds are assets from different games like Wind waker or Silent hill. The avatars I’ve been using myself are made by other players that are available if you log into certain servers. But the more I’ve played I felt like I wanted to have avatar that stands out from the crowd more. At first I thought I should just search for some obscure server that has an avatar no one use. But a lot of them are rather ugly. Out curiosity last Sunday I felt like I really wanted to find a good avatar of “Midna” from Twlight princess. One of my favorite characters in the series. If not my absolute favorite. But I couldn’t really find a world that offered her as an avatar despite a huge supply of other Zelda avatars. So then it struck me, “heck, I might aswell try build one myself.”

Lucky for me making one was a surprisingly smooth process. At least from what I assumed sense it would mean pretty much making a working character to a game yourself. It did require working in both Blender and Unity, and it still took almost a whole day of work for me to learn it, although mostly because I don’t know the software. There was quite a few tutorials and software available to make the process smoother, so a lot of the more complicated stuff like rigging and such was almost automatic.

Getting a good model of Midna was kinda tricky. Eventually I found this model of Midna that that was made from the assets in Hyrule Warrior. Although I had to repaint a few of the colors in the texture, and she had an unnecessary huge magical arm in her hair (Which she use for fighting in Hyrule warriors.) so I removed that part of the model. So happy that it was a separate part of model so I didn’t have to remodel anything. But other than all that I pretty much just had to follow this tutorial on th rest. This is the result:


For someone with a very limited experience in 3D I’m quite happy with it. Even if I feel lucky that model and the software worked so well, it feels like if something was a tiny bit of it would be hell for me to fix it. When I knew it working was working I added an effect in the material of the model that made the blue colors of her skin glow in the dark. I will actually start working on getting the same effect eyes and hair as soon as I’m done writing this. Along with giving the hair some physics so it moves more naturally. Also her eye are a bit weird so might try fix that texture aswell. But she is looking good in game at the moment.

Overall I gotta say I really enjoyed working on this on my free time. It’s cool to have a character in a game you added yourself. I wouldn’t mind doing something else. Don’t wanna do anything overly complicated. But I wouldn’t mind adding more avatars or a world if I find some cool assets that I could use.


Anyway, here are some suggested topics to talk about today.

  • Built anything in a game or for a game that you are proud of? Like for example maybe you have a cool avatar in Mass effect or a building in Minecraft, or maybe done some modding or game development yourself. Show us!
  • Anything the above that you really like to do? Got an idea for a mod or anything you would like to make if you had the skills to do it?
  • Or talk about anything!

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