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Tay Open Forum - I'm going to jail!

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Greetings Tay!

It feels like ages that I wrote something here. But apperently it has only been two weeks.


Alright time to be a bit personal.

A lot has been going on for me. If people recall in my previous open forum I did mention issus with my stomach. Well after two visits to the doctor I’ve learned that I have a bacteria that can mess things up for about 6-8 weeks. But I should generally be okay during that time as long as I don’t get any more fevers. But it does make the stomach weaker, and I feel pain that comes and goes reguarly. Which makes me eat less and I feel tired more often. Which is not a great timing because I have also started working full time last week at my new work.

So what do I work with? Well it’s not something I would have expected myself to work with a few weeks ago. In short I will work within the prison system here in sweden, at a costudy in Stockholm. To even start working there you need to study a few weeks in another town, but they pay you a normal salary during the education, and provide with travel and a place to live. (Although nothing fancy.) It was such a great deal that I felt that I just had to try it. But of course working in an environment that can be potentially dangerous is something I think about a lot. So even if I am grateful for the opportunity, I do not take it lightly. There is a lot to learn. Even if the prison system here is a lot different from how things work in the USA. I do not mean that to be taken as criticism or anything, but I assume that the american version is probably the one people here will mostly relate to. But its two different ideas how it should be done. So the working conditions too are very different.

Aaand thats pretty much all I will say about my work for now. Its just too much to consider what you should write about and not as an employee. So I do not yet wanna go too deep in that topic just yet. But I at least hope that I gave you an idea whats going on in my life at the moment. :)


So these weeks of work and sickness means that I haven’t really played a lot of games. When I study out of town I just have my phone with me. I don’t think I’ve been this gaming free for years. But I think I’ll invest in a new laptop soon to break that freedom. This weekend I did however play through Vampire Bloodlines with a friend. It was nice to share that game with someone. Since I’ve played it so many times myself.

Anyway, thats enough from me. Here are some topics.

-Whats going on with your life?

-What is the longest period of time you didn’t play any games?

-I really need advice for good Iphone games. I don’t want F2P games like candy crush or other games that are unending and addictive! It has to have a decent story, a ending, and sold at one specfic price. I really enjoyed playing Ace Attorney and would love finding similar games on the platform. Help!


-Or just talk about anything, you magnificent bastard! :)

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