I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Hi TAY! It’s Wednesday, one day after Persona 5's release and I don’t have my copy. Thanks Amazon Prime. That Release Date delivery guarantee sure is working like a charm.

Sure is.

I’m not one to truly complain much about frivolous first world problem things. It’s not killing me to be without Persona 5. Things happen, items get delayed. This, however, is the fourth time Amazon has not delivered something in the span of a month long period, for a service my family and I paid a lot to have. With Persona 5 ordered since June 2016 on my part, I’m finding it very hard to accept that they can’t meet demand. These inconveniences are amounting to a lot, particularly when the CEO of said company just added 1.5 billion dollars to his net worth, becoming the second richest person in America. I’d like to think it’s not too much to ask for what I paid for.


Rant aside, I finished Breath of the Wild on Friday. I planned how my gaming time would be: squeeze in something light for a day before Persona. My choice was Dragon Quest Theatrhythm which I’m wholly appreciative of but being a rhythm game, I was mostly done with it within a few hours. So now, I’m sending troops to do my bidding in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The game I already have 52 hours in but no where past Chapter 3, and will probably never finish. I just get so addicted to doing random missions and building up troops. If only my moogles would be better at their craft, I wouldn’t have this problem. Montblanc is a bad moogle.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • What’s the worst bungle of a game launch/system you ever experienced? Did your order get canceled, unfulfilled, got a lemon, etc?
  • Which game/system you regret not getting that soon sold out by the time you were ready to do so?
  • Digital or Physical?
  • If you had just one day to wait between your next big game, which game would you pick up and play during your down time?
  • And finally, it’s April if you haven’t noticed. What are your April gaming plans, TAY?

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