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Tay Open Forum - Indie weekend

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Greetings and good morning you kind people of the internet!

I’m glad to say that this weeks open forum will not be about my health. I feel pretty damn good at the moment so everything turned out well. After a visit to the doctor I was recommend to stay at home a few days this week as well. So I am at home now and start work tomorrow. Excited as much as I am stressed of all the stuff I need to catch up with.


Since I’ve been feeling well, and had a new laptop to fool around with, I’ve spent this weekend catching up with games. It became quite the Indie game weekend. Started and finished 3 whole games. Even if none them were very long. After doing that I thought this could be a good moment to share some thoughts on each game. So with that said, I give you:


  • Firewatch: I wanted to like this game more than I did. It had clever writing and I see how they wanted the atmosphere to reflect that. My biggest problem with this game was the level design. As good looking the forest was to look at, I never felt I was exploring one. Rather I felt like I was walking through a linear halls. I think the game wanted me to use the map far more than I did. I ended up annoyed trying to explore, and instead I ran into invisible walls constantly. Which I felt ruined the atmosphere for me. Still a good game though. I think also did myself a disfavor of reading too much about this game before I played it. So for your sake I stop now.
  • Oxenfree: Surprisingly similar to Firewatch really. With a lot of walking and talking. But I enjoyed this one more. I really like the dialogue system. I would like to see a bigger game do something similar. The voice acting also makes an adequate job. I actually played this game last year but stopped early on because I ran into a bug that blocked the way for me. Nothing that severe happen this time around but still ran into bugs that made me reload the game. Also similar to Firewatch I didn’t enjoy exploring in this game, yet they really want you to revisit areas for hidden items.
  • Night in the woods: I enjoyed this game the most. It had just so many things that really appeals to me. A creative design, good animations, nice soundtrack that I will now listen to forever. The story, while still really good, was probably the lesser one between the 3 games. Especially the ending that felt rather rushed. But overall I enjoyed playing this game completely, and don’t really think it had any flaws worth mentioning.

So that was my weekend. I also watched the French election on Sunday evening which felt like the fastest election ever. (Le pen admitted defeat 30 min after my channel started airing it during the evening.) So overall I think it might have been the greatest weekend ever....

Wait a minute...

I was supposed to bring up a subject for you guys to discuss, my weekend is a terrible subject. FUCK!


Okay we can fix this... Just let me think.... UUuuuurgh.

Here are some subjects that I did NOT randomly wrote at the last minute:

  • How many games have you played from start to finish this week/month/year?
  • How was your weekend?
  • Any thoughts on the games I mentioned above? Please share! Although avoid spoilers for those poor sods that have not played them yet.
  • Or Talk About Anything! 

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